Wildermann (wilder = wild + mann = man) are sasquatch esque creatures that first appeared in Big Feet.


Season OneEdit

Big FeetEdit

Larry, a Wildermann, attacks three Bigfoot hunters, killing two, and leaving one traumatised. Later, an old man as one of his barn horses attacked by Larry, all committed while morphed. Larry runs to Monroe's house, and is tackled to the ground by Monroe, who then realizes its Larry. He is taken to the couch, still morphed, trying to revert back to human form, but can't, and as a result, passes out, and remains morphed, even when Monroe calls Nick as he sleeps on the couch, and when Nick arrives, and when Monroe gets Larry's jacket on.

Larry gets behind Nick, still morphed, and pulls a device out of his neck, and kills himself. As Nick is questioning Constantine Binkerhof of Larry's death, he tries to morph, but controls himself, and doesn't. Later, another Wildermann with a device in his neck, killing one guy at a camp, attacking the other guy, and uses a plank of wood to stab the man, killing him, and unmorphing.

As Monroe knocks on Binkerhofs door, Binkerhof tries to control himself, and really tries to, and his hand morphs, and he destroys his papers. Binkerhof tries to have Monroe leave, but Monroe stays, as Binkerhof tries to mroph, but once again restrains himself. After a while, Binkerhof looses control of himself, and morphs into a Wildermann, and attacks Monroe, who morphs into a Blutbad, and after sometime fighting, Binkerhof jumps out of the window and attacks two people, killing one person, and having the other person run away. As someone is exiting a theater entrance, he is knocked out by Binkerhof, who goes in, and scares everybody and knocks out a woman, and drags her into a theater, and lays her on the theater catwalk, and as Nick checks on her, Binkerhof tries to jump on Nick, but Hank fires some shots into Binkerhof, who falls into the chairs, and as Nick and Hank look at Binkerhof, they both notice his face changes, but Hank sees it and is absolutely freaked out.

Season ThreeEdit

Blond AmbitionEdit

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