Slivitch is a Hässlich that went to Portland to find the Grimm that killed his friend, Hulda.


Slivitch checks into a hotel, opens his room door, closes it, and puts a black box on the bed. He opens it up, picks up a black stick like object, and reveals it to be a sickle. He then morphs in his troll form. He then goes to the police station, and asks for information on the Grimm that killed his friend, Hulda. he gets no new informstion, and leaves empty handed. Renard goes to the hotel, and finds Slivitch in there. He kneels before Renard, and Renard tells him to get out of Portland and to not kill the Grimm. Slivitch doesn't cooperate, and in return, Renard grabs his sickle, and slices off his ear to remind him that he should listen better next time.

Organ GrinderEdit

Slivitch is seen in real time and in a flashback. As Captain Renard goes to his office in the police station, he finds a box with a sickle ingraved, and opens it up and finds the ear he cut off Slivitch back in Episode 4. There is a flashback to Renard cutting of Slivitch's ear. He then gets a phone call from another reaper, who said that next time they'll send their message in person.

Leave It to BeaversEdit

Slivitch is seen in Germany, in a bar, responding to Salvadore Butrells call, and meets up with his accomplice. As Sal meets them, he and his accomplice knock him out and interrogate him, holding their Sycthes. As Nick and Bud drive Arnold to the lodge, and Slivitch and his accomplice follow. Them, they pull out their sycthes, and attack Nick, who grabs out one of the weapons from his trailer, and uses it. In the fight, Slivitch swings his sytche at Nick, who ducks, and Slivitch accidentally cut off his friend's head. He then morphs, and raises his sycthe to kill Nick, but Nick grabs his crossbow and fires a dart in his throat killing him. Monroe arrives and cuts off Slivtich's head, and Nick sends the two heads to Germany, and a note saying "Next time send your best".