Sgt. Wu is an officer that works with Hank Griffin and Nick Burkhart.

Island of DreamsEdit

Wu steals a cookie with the love potion from Hank, and eats it, and comes down to the spice shop, but collapses and his fsce swells up. After drinking the cure potion, he sees Monroe's, Nick's and Rosalee's face melt in his hallucination. After he is cured, he is brought to his apartment, and at the end of the episode, Nick tells him to call him if he eats anything. After Nick leaves, Wu unzips his couch, and grabs out foam from his couch, and eats it.

The Thing with FeathersEdit

After asking what Hank will do over the weekend, he says he will sit on his couch with his cat Samson, and eating while watching 'The Apprentice'. He then grabs a paperclip out of its cup and eats it.

Love SickEdit

When Nick shows up at the crime scene, and finds Wu eating chapstick.