Seltenvogel is a type of rare bird like Wesen, that appears in The Thing with Feathers. With arresting features like a multi-colored head and beak and glittering golden eyes, Seltenvogels are so rare in the Wesen community that they're thought to be extinct in most circles. A frail, bird-like creature, Seltenvogel were highly valued in ancient times and usually kept prisoner. They are known most famously for producing an Unbezahlbar once in their lifetime, which resembles a large golden egg. The egg must physically be delivered from the throat, which is a delicate and dangerous task.


The Thing with FeathersEdit

When Robin Steinkeller is attacked by Thomas Steinkeller, she morphs as she is very scared of him. Later, she is put to a machine that helps her get theUnbezahlbar, but is very painful. Later, when Juliette and Nick are shopping, Juliette talka with Robin a little, and Nick sees her morph as she is scared of Thomas, a Klaustreich, and notices he is a Grimm. Later, Nick intervines with the machine, and battles Thomas, driving him off, stopping the machine, and bringing Robin to their cabin. Then, when Peter and Thomas start going after Robin, Robin runs out of the cabin and Nick finds her, so,ething loged in her throat. It turns out, after a tiny surgery, with the help of Rosales and Monroe, it was the one Unbezahlbar, but she says it is priceless, although its gold. Then, Peter and Thomas go after the stone, with Thomas catching it, and then tripping, throwing it up in the air and shattering it to bits.

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