A list of all fights in Season Three.

"The Ungrateful Dead"Edit

Fight OneEdit

Belligerents: Sean Renard (Half-Zauberbiest) vs. Two Zombies

Circumstances of the Fight: While following his brother, Eric in the container yard to find out what happened to Nick, Sean comes under the attack of two zombies.

Outcome:' A zombie leaps down onto the Renard, who drops his gun. He recovers, sees a second zombie and punches his face. THe second zombie grabs his arm, but Renard grabs the zombies arm and throws him down. The second zombie then pushes Renard into the container walls. The zombie then attacks again, but Renard keeps him off, but the zombie grabs him and shoves him into the wall. Soon, the first zombie joins in the attack, but Renard elbows the second zombie in the face, and the first zombie pushes him into the boxes. The zombie then picks him up and looses grip, sending Renard's face into a box, breaking it. The second zombie runs and tries to punch Renard, who kicks him down. The second zombie grabs his throat and begins to choke him, but Renard elbows his face twice. The second zombie then begins to choke him as well. Renard then woges, and breaks free, before throwing him in opposite directions. He picks up the second zombie and throws him away, punches the first zombie in the face twice, and throws him away. Renard then kicks the second zombie, picks him up, knees his twice, and throws his around the container until he is knocked out.

Fight TwoEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt vs. Baron Samedi (Cracher-Mortel)

Circumstances of the Fight: While Baron Samedi is on a private jet that is carrying Nick to Austria, Nick wakes up and breaks his coffin open.

Outcome: Nick breaks the coffin door open, and the Baron woges and spits into his face, but Nick doesn't go back into the deathlike state, and instead leaps out of his coffin and grabs the Baron, shoves him against the cockpit door and throws him across the plane. Attracted by the noise, the co-pilot investigates, and Nick turns and punches his face. Nick then grabs him and shoves him against the walls in the cockpit corridor and punches his face, but the Baron grabs an empty bottle and smashes it against Nick's head, but is barely affects him. Nick thens grabs the Baron and shoves him into the co-pilots seat. The Baron however manages to get off, but Nick shoves him against the pilots seat. The Baron then repeatedly yells at Nick, "Obey me, for I am your master," briefly stopping Nick from attacking, before continuing to punch his face. The fight causes the plane to crash, killing the Baron and severely injuring the pilot and co-pilot.

Fight ThreeEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt vs. Bar Patrons

Circumstances of the Fight: Nick in his zombified state, walks into a bar when a customer tries to leave and Nick doesn't move.

Outcome: Mitchell Zinc tells Nick he is in his way, but Nick pulls his arm down and punches his face, knocking him out. He walks further into the bar, and when a a big man is in his way, he pushes him down. Another patron attacks Nick, who elbows his face, knocking him out. The big man is back up, and Nick blocks a punch. The big man punches again, but Nick blocks it and slams his palm into his throat, knocking him out. A panicked woman runs in front of Nick and screams, but Nick punches her face, knocking her out. Nick stands in the middle of the bar and hears a man about to hit him with a pool stick, but Nick turns and blocks it, slams it into his face, and kicks him, before slamming the stick into his face, knocking him out. Another big man grabs Nick and head butts his face, making Nick let go of the stick. Nick then grabs him by the throat, and then throws him across the bar, knocking him out. Mitchell gets back up and pulls out a switchblade. Nick turns and slaps the knife from his hand, punches his chest, and slams his head into a brass handle. Mitchell later died at the hospital.


Fight OneEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt vs. Hank Griffin and Monroe (Blutbad)

Circumstances of the Fight: Nick, still in his zombified state, attacks a family in their home. As the family hides in a bedroom and Nick tries to break down the door blocked by a bookshelf, Monroe and Hank hear the banging and screaming, and run up the stairs.

Outcome: Nick knocks down the bookshelf and father, grabbing him as he falls, but Hank grabs him and Nick pushes him down, and then pushes Monroe against the wall. Nick tries to punch Monroe who ducks and grabs his arm, and Hank grabs his other arm and they force him against the wall. However, Nick then elbows both down, freeing himself from their grip. The father then grabs the gunlock case and slams it against the back of his head, which barely affects him. He turns and pushes him across the room, and into the wall. Hank then throws a heavy ornament and throws it at Nick, but his superhuman hearing alerts him to the danger and merely catches it in mid air without looking. Monroe and Hank then make Nick follow them an out of the house.

Fight TwoEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt vs. Hank Griffin, Monroe (Blutbad), and Sean Renard (Half-Zauberbiest)

Circumstances of the Fight: Nick is trapped in a section of a barn house, and Monroe, Renard, and Hank arrive to restrain Nick, who was boxed in, but uses a shovel to break out and attack his friends when they try to restrain him. Before the fight begins Monroe and Renard woge, realizing that nothing short of full strength can stop Nick now.

Outcome: Renard punches Nick in the face, who grabs him, head butts his face, and punches his face, knocking him down. He then grabs Monroe, shoves him against the wooden wall and throws him into some carpenter supplies. Hank tries to hit Nick with a rod, but Nick blocks the attack and punches Hank in the face, and then kicks him down, and takes the rod from him. Monroe grabs a piece of wood and hits Nick across the back with it. The wood shatters but barely affects him. Nick then smacks Monroe in the face with the rod and kicks him far back. Renard picks up the shovel and smacks Nick in the back, leading to Hank kneeing his face, and Renard hits his face, knocking him back. However, Nick pushes both back, making Renard loose the shovel. Nick grabs Renard shoves him against the wooden wall and punches his face, which knocks him down, just as Monroe grabs him from behind, but Nick elbows his face, knocking him down. Hank tries to hit Nick with a piece of wood, but Nick blocks the attack and punches his face, knocking him far back. Monroe then grabs Nick from behind. However, Nick twists around and throws Monroe violently away. Renard punches at Nick, who blocks it and grabs him, knees his chest, and throws him into a wooden wall, shattering it. Hank then gets up and holds Nicka t gunpoint, begging him not to shoot Nick. Juliette calls Nick, who turns, only for Juliette to stab Nick in the stomach with the Piqure-Gigantesque, but Nick backhands her in the face, knocking her down. Rosalee then pushes the plunger on the Piqure-Gigantesque, injecting him with the antidote. He then pulls it out of him, but the antidote quickly affects him and he slowly collapses and passes out.

"One Night Stand"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin vs. Dominic and Jessie (Naiad)

Circumstances of the Fight: Hank and Nick race to save Elly from drowning, and Dominic and Jessie stay to battle with the detectives and achieve their goal.

Outcome: Dominic woges, and punches at Nick, who grabs his arm, knees his face, and punches his face, knocking him back. Hank almost dives in, but Jessie grabs a rod and runs to hit Hank, who blocks it and punches his face, knocking him down. Nick and Dominic recover and tackle at each other, but Nick turns around, Dominic squeezing him. Hank dodges more swings of the rod from Jessie, who then gets up, but Hank kicks him back down. Nick pulls Dominic's arms up and elbows his chest, throwing him off him, and the backhanding his face, kneeing his stomach, and punching his face, knocking him out. He then dives in to save Elly. Jessie gets up and tries to grab the rod, but Hank grabs him and throws him back down, handcuffing both of Jessie and Dominic.

"Stories We Tell Our Young"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt vs. Alexander (Pflichttreue)

Circumstances of the Fight: Alexander is sent by the council to kill Daniel, who is infected by the Grausen. He enters Daniel's room and wakes Daniel up.

Outcome: Alexander woges into a Pflichttreue. Daniel wakes up, turns into a Grausen and punches him down. Scared, Daniel runs out of his room and into the forest, Alexander leaping out in quick pursuit. Nick then chases both of them when Alexander leaps in front of Daniel and slashes at him, but Daniel ducks and runs off. He chases Daniel, but the Nick arrives and tackles him down. They both get up and Alexander charges at Nick who ducks and moves away, kicking him back. Alexander quickly recovers and attacks again, but Nick kicks him and punches his face, knocking him against the tree, as Hank arrives and arrests him.

Cold BloodedEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt vs. Three Gelumcaedus

Circumstances of the Fight: Hank is kidnapepd by two of them, and Andre tells Nick to bring Gregorec to him or Hank dies. Nick arrives and brings Gregoreck to them, but upon learning he is a Grimm, the Gelumcaedus then surround him and try to kill him.

Outcome: Nick turns, blocks a punch from the unnamed brother, kicks him and then punches him and throws him down, as Gregoreck and Andre woge. Nick blocks a punch from Gregoreck, throws him down as he knees his face, then grabs the back of his head and knees his face, knocking him down, Nick then activates his hidden blade, blocks a swipe of Andre's knife, blocks another swipe, punches his face, and then slashes his face, before knocking him into the sewer walls. The third brother charges at Nick who stabs his throat, and the slashes it, and throwing him down. As the third brother dies, Nick rolls over his back, and kicks Andre, ducks at a knife attacks, and then slashes his throat, and stabbing his stomach, killing him. Gregoreck then attacks Nick, grabbing and shoving him against the wall and bites his vambrace. As Hank finishes untying himself, he grabs a rod and hits Gregoreck, making Gregoreck let go of Nick. Gregoreck tries to attack Hank who hits him again, as Nick kicks his back, and Hank hits his throat, knocking him down, and arresting him.

Twelve Days of KrampusEdit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt vs. Krampus

Circumstances of the Fight: Nick, Monroe, Hank, and Bud find out where Krampus is keeping the teenagers. As Monroe, Hank, and Bud free the teens, Nick looks for Krampus and the two engage in a fight.

Outcome: Nick grabs a sac with a kidnapped teenager in it away from Krampus, who roars at him. Krampus swings his switch at Nick, who avoids it, then takes it from Krampus and whips his face twice, loosing the switch. Krampus then kicks Nick back against a tree. Krampus then attacks Nick who moves out of the way and Krampus slams his head against the tree, temporarily stopping him. Nick then begins to free the kidnapped teenager from his sac, when Krampus recovers and displays his red forked tongue at Nick. He then charges at Nick who throws the sac into his face, picking him up and throwing him down. Krampus then gets up, dodges a punch from Nick and elbows him several times. Nick then punches his face, but Krampus grabs him by the throat and begins to choke him. Nick turns gray and cold, before he punches Krampus in the face, knocking him out.

"Red Menace"Edit

Belligerents: Alex Renko vs. Boris Myshkin (Koschie)

Circumstances of the Fight: In revenge for Boris killing his father when he worked for the FSB, Alex attempts to assassinate Boris.

Outcome: Boris goes into the bathroom, but Alex grabs him and pulls him into the storage room. There, Boris throws him of his arms down, slams him against storage wall, and slams his arm into Alex's, breaking free, and then grabbing his face. Alex then pulls out his switchblade and tries to stab Boris, who blocks it with his arm and throws Alex off, who cuts his arm in the process. Alex tries to stab Boris again, who grabs his wrist, kicks him, then grabs his other wrist and twists them uncomfortably, and woging, giving Alex a very lethal dose of radiation. He then slams Alex against the wall and then throws him out the window and into an alleyway. Alex is later hospitalized and dies from the radiation poisoning.

"Eyes of the Beholder"Edit

Belligerents: Juliette Silverton and Alicia (Fuchsbau) vs. Joe (Klaustreich)

Outcome: Joe punches Nick in the face, knocking him out. He chases Alicia, and wrestles with her. Juliette tries to break it up, but Joe pushes Alicia back and throws Juliette down, telling her to stay out of it. Joe chases Alicia towards the kitchen, and they struggle some more until Joe gets a grip on Alicia, telling her she's coming back home. Juliette gets back up and leaps onto Joe's back. They struggle into the kitchen and Joe smashes Juliette into a window and coffee maker. She hits both sides of his face and squeezes it, telling him to get out of the house. Joe throws Juliette down. Juliette picks up a frying pan and smacks it into Joe's face, but Joe is not affected and woges, with Juliette telling him she is not impressed. She tries to hit him again, but he knocks the pan away and swings his claws, but Juliette ducks, kicks his stomach, punches his face, and slams her palm into his throat. She then picks a glass jar up and smashes it into Joe's face, knocking him down. She kicks his chest. Alicia picks up a vase and smashes it into his head. They briefly beat him up with repeated kicks to his body, until Nick arrives, holds Joe at gunpoint, and arrests him.

"The Good Soldier"Edit

Belligerents: Adam Desai (Manticore) vs. Jim McCabe (Manticore)

Outcome: They woge and leap at each other, tackling each other down. They get back up and tackle each other down again. Desai gets on top of McCabe and tries to sting him, but McCabe moves away, slams his palm into Desai's face, and kicks him off. He gets back up and they try to hit and block each others attacks with their tails, before Desai backhands McCabe across the room and into a wall of glass. Desai leaps on top of the counter, but McCabe tackles him down. He picks him up, and Desai punches his face, but McCabe punches his and kicks him down. Desai reverts back to human form as McCabe tries to sting him, but he rolls away, pulls out a knife and stabs McCabe in the tail. McCabe shakes the knife off. Nick and Hank arrive, just in time to see McCabe pick up the knife and stab Desai in the chest, killing him.

"The Wild Hunt"Edit

Belligerents: Lee Mull vs. Woden (Wildesheer)


Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) and Monroe (Blutbad) vs. Three Wildesheer

Outcome: Woden appears out of nowhere, grabs Monroe's rifle and throws him down. Nick shoots him several times, but the cloak protects him. Woden grabs Nick and slams him against the trailer. He headbutts and punches his face, kicks him, then slams him back into the trailer. Monroe gets up and tries to shoot, but they keep moving so he can't. Nick finally blocks a punch, and quickly punches Woden in the chest and face. A second Wildesheer arrives and Nick tells Monroe that it is right behind him as he struggles with Woden. Monroe turns and sees the Wildesheer, shooting him, but the cloak protects him. The Wildesheer grabs his gun and tries to throw it away, but Monroe holds on tight, woges and begins to wrestle with him. Nick blocks another punch from Woden, pushes him back, and kicks him. He charges, trying to tackle Woden down, but Woden catches him and throws him down hard. The second Wildesheer knocks the rifle away, grabs Monroe, and slams him into a car. Woden woges and lunges at Nick, who quickly dives under the car. Monroe breaks free from the Wildesheer's grip, punches his chest and face, but the Wildesheer grabs him and throws him under the car where Nick is. Monroe asks Nick what to do, and Nick pulls out his knife, saying to cut their hair. Suddenly, the Wildesheer grab Monroe and pull him from under the car and try to scalp him. He fights back, and both parties punch and kick each other. Nick rushes out from the car and leaps onto Woden's back, and the second Wildesheer picks Monroe up and continues to punch him. Woden throws Nick off of him. Nick tries to stab Woden, who catches his arm, punches his chest, and then punches him far back. The second Wildesheer also punches Monroe far back. They get back up and select targets, when a third Wildesheer arrives. Monroe pulls out his knife and woges. Everybody charges at everyone. Monroe does a low dive tackle on the second Wildesheer, who elbows his back, but Monroe elbows his stomach. Nick tries to stab Woden, who grabs him and throws him into the third Wildesheer. The second Wildesheer elbows Monroe down. Woden punches Nick in the face. The second Wildesheer picks Monroe back up, backhands his face, and kicks him. He is about to kill him when Bart, woged, leaps off the car and tackles the Wildesheer down. Nick elbows the third Wildesheer off of him and kicks Woden back. Bart gets back up, punches the second Wildesheer in the face and tries again, but the Wildesheer punches his, picks him back up, and throws him down. He tries to bite out Bart's throat, but Bart wrestles with him. Monroe goes to help Nick, and Woden punches Monroe in the face after the third knocks Nick down. Nick gets back up, and cuts the third Wildesheer's hair, killing him. Nick comes over as the second Wildesheer punches Bart. Nick tries to pull the Wildesheer off. Woden turns, and while distracted, Monroe cuts his hair, also killing him. Monroe comes over and help Nick pull the second Wildesheer off, and Nick cuts his hair, killing him as well.

"Once We Were Gods"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) vs. Karl Herman (Anubis)

Outcome: Karl goes into full woge in front of Professor Gates, who begins to panic. Karl grabs her throat and is about to kill her, when Nick and Hank arrive at gunpoint. Karl throws Professor Gates down, knocking her out and leaps at Nick. Nick catches him, but Karl swings him around, elbows his face twice, and knocks his gun away. Nick picks him up and throws him over himself and down. Karl quickly gets back up and tries to claw Nick, who avoids it and kicks him down. Karl gets back up and tries to punch him, but Nick blocks it, punches his face, and throws him into the wall before Hank arrives at gunpoint and arrests Karl.


Belligerents: Martin Meisner vs. Two Verrat Agents (Hundjägers)

Outcome: Meisner leaps onto the first agent, knocks his gun away, punches and knees his stomach, and slams him into a tree. The second agent tries to shoot, but Meisner grabs his arm, knocks his gun away, elbows his face, and throws him down. The second agent tries to kick Meisner, who blocks it with his arms, and the first agent tries to kick him, but Meisner ducks. Meisner slams his palm into the first agents throat, blocks another attack from the second agent, elbows his face, kicks the first agent into the tree, and kicks the second agent in the face, knocking him down. Meisner blocks a punch from the first agent, and the first agent blocks a punch from Meisner. Meisner tries to punch him, but the agent ducks, catches his arm, only for Meisner to knock his arm away and forcefully push him into the tree with his feet. The second agent tries to tackle Meisner down from behind, but Meisner stands strong, elbows his side, grabs his arm, and throws him over himself and down, then slams his palm into his throat, killing him. The first agent gets back up and tries to kick Meisner, who ducks, leaps, and kicks the agent in the face, knocking him down. He then slams his palm into his throat, killing him, and runs off to check on Adalind.

"Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen"Edit

Belligerents: Trubel (Grimm) vs. Gangbanger Girl (Skalengeck)

Outcome: The girl woges and kicks Trubel down, making her drop the knife. Trubel gets back up, avoids all the claws, and the girl knocks her backpack down. Trubel throws the backpack into the girl, who catches it and throws it away. The girl chases Trubel, who swings in front of her using a playground, and tries to punch her, but the girl catches her arm and throws her down. The girl rushes in and tries to punch Trubel, who catches her arm, punches her face, and knees her stomach, but the girl elbows her face twice, pushes her back, and dives for the knife. The girl grabs the knife, but Trubel grabs her feet and drags her away, but the girl kicks her down. The girl swings the knife and misses. She tries to swing it into Trubel, who catches her arm, pulls her around, elbows her face, and then yanks the knife from her hands. Trubel then repeatedly slashes the girl, and stabs her deeply in the chest, before running away. The girl died of her wounds.

"My Fair Wesen"Edit

Belligerents: Trubel (Grimm) vs. Donna O'Hara (Lebensauger) and Ken (Lebensauger)

Outcome: Ken approaches Trubel, who slams her palm into his nose. He quickly recovers and woges, but learns she is a Grimm, and she knees him between the legs and runs out of the room, telling the girls to leave. Instead, two of them hide, and Ken tells Donna she brought a Grimm. Donna and Ken woge and they attack. Trubel punches Ken in the face. Trubel elbows Donna in the face and kicks Ken down. Donna grabs Trubel's arm and bites her elbow, but Trubel headbutts her face, knocking her down. She throws Ken away, punches Donna in the face, and throws her down. Ken tackles Trubel down, and they roll around, before Trubel gets on top of Ken and punches his face. She sees Donna getting back up and rolls off. She blocks a punch, knees her stomach, headbutts her face, kicks Ken over the couch, and throws her down. Trubel picks Donna back up, pulls out a knife and stabs her neck, killing her. Nick and Hank walk in, and Ken attacks them, but they shoot him down and kill him.

"The Inheritance"Edit

Belligerents: Nick Burkhardt (Grimm), Hank Griffin, and Trubel (Grimm) vs. Four Verrat Agents (Hundjägers)

Outcome: Weston tries to run over Hank, who jumps out of the way just in time. The fourth agent runs off and hides. Nick leaps off a car and tackles the first agent against the van. The second agent picks up his gun and is about to shoot Nick, when Trubel body slams the agent into a car. Weston skids to a stop and a third agent gets out and runs to Nick. However, Hank gets back up and tackles him down, knocking off a cars side view mirror in the process. The second agent pushes Trubel off of him. The first agent pushes Nick off, and tries to kick him, but Nick kicks his leg and punches his face, knocking him down. Weston then drives off fastly. The first agent woges and gets up. He tries to punch Nick, who blocks him with his arm. He tries to punch Nick again, who catches his arm and throws him forward, making him bend over. The second Verrat agent punches Trubel in the face, and tries to punch her again, but she ducks. The third agent tries to punch Hank twice, but Hank avoids it, and punches his face. The second agent tries to punch Trubel, who blocks it, catches his arm, and punches his chest. Nick knees the first agent's back, grabs the back of his head, and smashes his face into the tail lights on the van, killing him. The second agent tries to punch Trubel, who ducks, blocks the next punch, catches his arm, and punches his chest. Hank punches the third agent in the throat, killing him as well. He and Nick begin to search their belongings so they can take their ID's, and phones. Trubel grips the second agent's arm, and flips him, throwing him onto the ground. The agent woges, and gets back up. He tries to punch Trubel twice, but Trubel blocks both attacks, headbutts his face, knees his stomach. She then holds him by his shoulder and climbs on top of a car, as the fourth agent, woged, emerges from hiding to ambush her. He then leaps at Trubel, who strongly punches his face, killing him as well. His body rolls off the car and lands in front of Nick and Hank, who finally realize Trubel is here. Trubel climbs off the car, and then runs, smashing the second agent's face into a car window, finally killing him.

"Blond Ambition"Edit

Belligerents: Trubel (Grimm) vs. Weston Steward (Hundjäger)