Nick Burkhardt it the main character of Grimm, and himself, is a Grimm, friends with Monroe, a Blutbad, and Rosalee Calvert, a Fuchsbau. He has a girlfriend, Juliette Slverton, who he was planning to propose to her, but postponed it to know more about his new duties as a Grimm.

Three Coins in a FuchsbauEdit

The Thing with FeathersEdit

Nick at the police station tells Hank that he is going to go on a romantic weekend with Juliette, and is going to propose to her. He drives down, and asks for directions, but the man he is talking to morphs into a Klaustreich. He goes to the cabin, and he and Juliette settle into the cabin. When Nick opens a bottle of wine, and goes to get glasses, Juliette tells him to call for a domestic disturbance next door,which he does. At 2:30 in the morning, he calls Monroe to tell him about Klaustreich.

Woman in BlackEdit

This episode, he and Hank investigate a series of grotesque murders commited by Akira Kimura, the only Schakal of the four Schakal to be alive, responsible for killing his parents. Akira breaks into Nicks house, and Nick arrives, and fights Kimura, and although he is pretty beat up the first half, the second half, he easily gains the upper hand, and beats up Kimura, when a mysterious woman in black appears, and after briefly fighting with her, he watches as she kicks and badly injures Kimura, and then kills him. As he points his gun at her, she reveals to him that she is his supposedly "dead" mother. This episode, he also reveals to Juliette about being a Grimm, although she doesn't believe him. She gets scratched by Adalind Schades cat, and when Monroe is preparing to morph and show Juliette, she faints, and goes to the hospital. Her fate is unknown.