Lausenachlange are snake like Wesen.


Of Mouse and ManEdit

As Nick and Hank interview Mason Snyder, he picks up his phone, and morphs into his snake form. Later, he attacks Marty, and tries to strangle him as he is in his snake form, and then when a couple walks by, he unmorphs and lets Marty go. Then, Marty falls down as Mason towers over him, and morphs, and tells Marty he is mothing and pathetic. Marty grabbed a trophy and beat Mason to death.

Cat and MouseEdit

Another Lausenschlange was working at the bar. When two people are fighting and won't stop, the bartender grabs a machete and morphs for them to get out, and they get out. As Edgar Waltz leaves, he looks at the passport for Ian Harmon, but Edgar grabbed his gun and killed the Lausenschlange with one bullet in the head.

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