Hundjager (dog hunter) are a hound-like Wesen that first appeared in Cat and Mouse.


Season 1Edit

Cat and MouseEdit

In Washington D.C, a Hundjager is hunting Ian Harmon, and when he smells the place where Ian is, he morphs into a Hundjager and then goes into the hotel in St. Loius where Ian is, but Ian kills him. As Edgar Waltz is getting out of a bar where a Lausenschlange works at, the Lausenschlange goes through Edgar's booklet, but Edgar morphs and shoots and kills him with a shot to the head. Edgar then comes in as a witness named Matt, but morphs. As he talks with Nick, he reassures him he won't kill him.

Edgar, then goes into a camera shop. He pulls out a Luger, and the camera shop owner morphs into a Mauzhertz. As Edgar, tells him he will hurt his family. If he doesn't do what he wants him to do. After Edgar goes to the camera shop, he kils the Mauzhertz there, and goes to Rosalee's shop, and acts like a customer, but he takes out his gun, and taps her, on the shoulder. She sees that he has morphed, and then unmorphed. He calls Monroe to say give him Ian or Rosalee will die in 15 minutes. Just when Edgar is about to kill Rosalee, Nick comes in, and so does Monroe. Rosales throws some wesen drug in Edgar's face, and Monroe knocks him down, then, Ian comes in, and looks at his hand to see he is part of the Verrat. Ian then shoots him multiple times, killing him. Monroe and Rosalee then dispose of his body.

Season 2Edit

Season of the HexenbiestEdit

When Adalind arrived to Portland, she brought four Hundjager from the Verrat with her to get Nick's key. She then had two of them beat Hank up, landing him into the hospital. Monroe then went to the hotel room and discovered the other two. They then follow Monroe out to a parking lot where Nick arrives and kills all four.

Season 3Edit

Stories We Tell Our YoungEdit

Two Hundjager from the Verrat break into the safe house Meinser and Renard are staying in, but they kill both. Renard snaps ones neck, Meisner slams the others head into the wall.

Twelve Days of KrampusEdit

As Tavitian comes across the scene of an accident, he kills everyone there. A female Hundjager is about to shoot him, when he shoots and kills her. All of these people where part of the Verrat.

Once We Were GodsEdit

The Show Must Go OnEdit


The Law of SacrificeEdit

Nobody Knows the Trubel I've SeenEdit

The InheritanceEdit

Blond AmbitionEdit

Season 4Edit

Cry LuisonEdit

[[Image:Weston woged|center|285px]]
Notables: Edgar Waltz
Gregor Danilov (likely)
Marcus Rispoli (likely)
Weston Steward
TV Show: Cat and Mouse
Season of the Hexenbiest
Stories We Tell Our Young
Twelve Days of Krampus
Once We Were Gods
The Show Must Go On
The Law of Sacrifice
Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen
The Inheritance
Blond Ambition
Cry Lusion
Books: The Icy Touch
The Chopping Block

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